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Register Now for 12th International Energy Psychology Conference!

by Dr. David Gruder

SSan Diego Bay with Coronado Bay Bridge in foreground and San Diego in backgroundign up before May 15th to get the lowest price still available for ACEP's 12th International Energy Psychology Conference! This is a special conference for me because ACEP is the international nonprofit organization I co-founded and for which I served as the founding president.

Can Capitalism Be Repaired?

by Dr. David Gruder

I regularly receive messages from people who believe that capitalism is a corrupt economic system that can never be anything but corrupt. I believe these comments reflect a basic misunderstanding of capitalism, and that this misunderstanding developed because of the ways capitalism has been hijacked and perverted since the birth of the United States.

Stephen Colbert on Narcissism

by Dr. David Gruder

Enjoy these two satirical looks at narcissism the Colbert Report. If you don't have time to view both, watch the second one. Narcissism is so common today that too few people recognize the extent to which it has been damaging the fabric of  societies around the world.

To My Friends Outside the US

by Dr. David Gruder

If you are among the many people outside the United States that I have talked with when I have come to your country to give lectures and workshops, you already know the passion I have always felt about the essential good-heartedness of the American people as a whole.

Brief History of United States Banking System

by Dr. David Gruder

U.S. Banking History Timeline Relevant to the Rise of Debtism & Our Current Financial Crisis

American citizens and leaders, as well as non-Americans wanting a deeper understanding of the root causes beneath our latest financial crisis, need a deeper understanding of the history that made this debacle possible. This post provides a timeline summarizing that history.