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The Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT) by David Gruder, Ph.D.

How Much Integrity Does Each U.S. Presidential Candidate REALLY Have?

Almost all politicians claim to have integrity, ethics and positive character. But, how much do they really have and how can citizens, educators and the media become more savvy about evaluating these core human qualities? Psychologist and integrity expert Dr. David Gruder has developed a free tool that can help, called the Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT).

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The Four Main Purposes of Dr. Gruder's Politician Integrity Rating Tool (PIRT)

  1. Challenge you, as a citizen, member of the media, or educator, to start thinking about integrity in deeper, more concrete and more practical ways.
  2. Help you consider ten key dimensions of politician integrity that you probably have known about but may not have known how to put into words.
  3. Raise your awareness about how to evaluate core candidate dimensions that transcend party affiliation, ideology, religion, stances on specific issues and narrowly defined special interests.
  4. Inspire you to start demanding true integrity not only from your politicians but from yourself and from those in your personal and work life.

How the PIRT Works

  1. Click further below on the name of the politician whose political integrity you want to evaluate.
  2. Answer ten questions about that politican.
  3. The PIRT will automatically analyze your ratings of those ten key political integrity dimensions.
  4. Your results will instantly appear on your screen, along with the composite results of others who have rated that politician.
  5. You only get to rate each politician once so that the composite results numbers remain accurate.

After you get your results, go to the PIRT "table" in the "3D Integrity Cafe" forum to post your thoughts about your own ratings the the composite averages, and remain up-to-date about the integrity issues we all face through participating in the IntegrityWatch Blog. (If you haven't yet become a free Integrity Club member you can view those posts, but only Integrity Club members can participate.)

Additional Details: Media Information and PIRT FAQs

Media: Interview PIRT developer Dr. David Gruder. Visit for booking details and more about him.

To read PIRT FAQs, click HERE.

Instructions for Using the PIRT

You can currently use the PIRT to evaluate the current candidates for President of the United States. In the future the PIRT will be expanded so you can evaluate anyone seeking, currently occupying, or formerly occupying a government role, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

In order for the PIRT to provide you with meaningful results, you must:

  • Know enough about that politician to be able to answer the questions.
  • Be willing to answer the questions as objectively as you can. Your integrity in answering the questions is as important as the integrity of the politician you are rating!
  • Bear in mind that your ratings will reflect your perceptions of this politician, not necessarily the truth about this person.

To use the PIRT, click below on the name of the politician you want to rate.

Screen Resolution Note: Your computer screen resolution must be set to a minimum of 960x600 in order to use the PIRT.

Login Note: If you have an account for this site but you're not yet logged in, enter your "User login" information to the left. If you don't already have your free account for this website but you want to use the PIRT, click HERE to create your free account now. It's absolutely free, your information remains private and you can modify it or unsubscribe any time you wish. But, in order to prevent this tool from being misused by spammers (and individuals tempted to 'stuff the ballot box'), creating a log-in mechanism was necessary. Click HERE to create your free account now.

Media: Interview PIRT developer Dr. David Gruder. Visit for booking details and more about him.

To read PIRT FAQs click HERE.


Barack Obama

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John McCain

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Dr. David Gruder is a psychologist, eight-award-winning author (6 from his latest book), and captivating presenter who speaks, trains and consults worldwide on integrity-centered living, working, loving and serving.

Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D., Author of The New IQ

"Integrity isn't a burden --
it's a path to joy.
Integrity isn't a sacrifice --
it's a path to fulfillment."

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