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Dr. Gruder's 3D Integrity Circle Guidelines

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How to Start Your Own "3D Integrity Circle"

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Whenever any of us makes changes we need support. Not only from within ourselves (including spirituality) but from others.

Magical things happen when we join with others that don't happen as easily on our own. That magic grows even stronger when we join with others to make a positive difference in our spheres of influence while we become happier within ourselves.

Socially responsible self-development is what the phrase "Self-Development That Serves Us All™" is all about. Integrating personal wellbeing, loving connection and positive impact on the world around us is our next evolutionary step forward.

Starting a “3D Integrity Circle” your opportunity to create a powerful support system for integrity-centered people to supporting one another in creating sustainable happiness, health, and prosperity while also serving as Everyday Stewards in your community.

You will find below some tips for establishing a healthy and nourishing 3D Integrity Circle.

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How to Form Your "3D Integrity Circle"

Select between five and nine people you believe would resonate with The New IQ material. It does not matter whether they have read The New IQ yet. What matters is not filling your circle with people you think this might be good for: Your circle is not about changing other people. It is about getting the support you need in order to move toward fuller 3D Integrity and 3D Living. It is about offering others the support they already want in doing this too. Your 3D Integrity Circle is not primarily a place where you are of service in the world. Nor is it intended to be a substitute for working with helping professionals, doing recovery work or being involved in community service organizations. It is meant to provide members with mutual support in moving into greater integrity with themselves, their relationships, and collective highest good.

If you are a helping professional with group facilitation skills, consider instead leading a 3D Living Support Group. This goes beyond a 3D Integrity Circle. A 3D Integrity Circle is leaderless and provides mutual support. By facilitating a 3D Living Support Group as a helping professional, you can add depth and richness to the material covered in The New IQ and its accompanying workbook. As a 3D Living Support Group leader you would assist your clients in exploring and embodying The New IQ material: the book, the accompanying workbook, and the supplemental resources I recommend on my website. If you are interested in doing this, e-mail me for a 3D Living Support Group setup packet (

The Top Seven Activities for Your 3D Integrity Circle to Consider Doing

  1. Study The New IQ book with each other, as well as resources I recommend in this book, on my website and in my free eNewsletters (subscribe on my website).
  2. Explore the self-assessments and exercises in The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook as a Circle, to support one another in outgrowing your Survival and Redemption Plans, upgrading your WisePassions, enhancing your 3D Integrity, and enjoying the fruits of 3D Living.
  3. Share great resources you each have found for upgrading your Seven WisePassions beyond the ones I recommend in the Best Resources section on
  4. Support: Help one another set their top priority development goals and lovingly hold each another accountable for following through. This might include any of the following that are covered in The New IQ book and workbook:
    a. Your top priority WisePassion development goal
    b. Your personal integrity upgrade goals
    c. Your relationship integrity upgrade goals
    d. Your goals as an Everyday Steward or other service or leadership goals you may have
  5. Serve: Join together to do service work in your community that all of you resonate with as a Circle so you can fulfill part of your Service Mission together. One possible idea would be to set up an annual Integrity Day event for your community, religious group or service group. Another would be to contact local reporters with stories about everyday people in your community who are doing wonderful things as expressions of more fully living in 3D Integrity.
  6. Network: Post your Circle’s discoveries, questions and responses about becoming a more effective Circle on this 3D Integrity Circles Forum --
  7. Illuminate: Post examples of moving into greater integrity on the IntegrityWatch Blog on my website: See page 283 of The New IQ for more about what your group can consider posting on my IntegrityWatch Blog.

3D Integrity Circle Ground Rules

Mindset: Join together in an intention to upgrade your ability to collaborate and synergize with one another. You are there to support one another not change each another. This is not therapy. You are not the leader and neither is anyone else in the Circle. Only invite people to be in your 3D Integrity Circle who agree to this and who are already interested in upgrading their integrity.

Logistics Decisions: Decide how often to meet: weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks or once a month. Decide whether you will meet for 90 minutes, two hours, or longer. Selecting from the seven possibilities listed in the section above, decide as a Circle what you want to do during each meeting. Also decide how long you want to spend during each meeting on each topic you select. Once you have formed your Circle, make decisions as a group about when to invite new members to join and how to invite them. Approach these decisions as exercises in which everyone in the Circle has an opportunity to upgrade their Synergy WisePassion.

Practice All Seven WisePassions Together: Remain Teachable at all times in the Circle. Do sufficient Self-Care before you come to Circle meetings so you arrive ready to participate. Practice the Discernment WisePassion rather than advice-giving. Support one another in Harvesting gifts from life experiences, but only when the person is ready to do Harvesting. Practice remaining in right relationship with your personal Power. Practice Synergy at all times with one another. Always keep in mind the Blind Men & the Elephant story. Practice Stewardship in your Circle by focusing on collective highest good (see the final section below). Compassionately support one another in outgrowing your Survival and Redemption Plans.

What Not to Do: 3D Integrity Circles are not for “integrity bashing.” Please do not use them to become the local integrity police. Please don’t allow your Circle to degenerate into playing judge, jury and executioner with anyone inside or outside your Circle. Doing that would be an abuse of your Power and Stewardship WisePassions. Instead, use your Circle to compassionately support one another in expanding your integrity and to become better at compassionately-yet-firmly holding others accountable when they are out of integrity with their commitments or with collective highest good.

Focus on Collective Highest Good: Whatever serves collective highest good of your Circle is the thing for all of you to support. Discovering what serves collective highest good is an ongoing discovery process of co-discovery. It isn’t a one-time event nor something that any one person is wise enough to decide on behalf of the Circle. If there is ever a situation in which the Circle cannot find common ground between what one individual wants and what serves the Circle’s collective highest good, collective highest good takes precedence. Should this occur, all it means is that this individual needs to meet that specific need of theirs in some other way beyond the Circle. They are not wrong to have the need. The Circle is not wrong for being unable to meet it.

Printing This Material, E-Mailing It to Others, & Requesting Assistance

For further assistance contact Integrity Revolution through the Contact page.

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