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Energy Psychology Anywhere

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Energy Psychology Anywhere™


Energy Psychology Anywhere CD Set


What is Energy Psychology?

"All of life is electrical," according to Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry 1993) Rod MacKinnon, a biophysicist at Rockefeller University an a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator.

Energy Psychology is a family of breakthrough integrative wellness tools that combine time-honored methods from Traditional & Indian Chinese Medicine with sound psychological principles to produce remarkable results. Commonly known as “tapping,” the most well-known member of the Energy Psychology family is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Energy Psychology methods are non-invasive yet unusually potent. These integrative mind/body techniques appear to help resolve blockages and enhance peak functioning through rebalancing and optimizing our body's electrical system. They are not only powerful but easy to learn. For all of these reasons, Energy Psychology methods may well prove to be the most useful self-help, coaching and psychotherapy procedures of the 21st century.

Energy Psychology methods appear to assist with a wide range of psychospiritual issues through directly intervening with and rebalancing aspects of your personal energy system. Energy Psychology methods seem to be particularly effective at helping people:

  • Neutralize distress and limiting beliefs
  • Resolve trauma and other baggage
  • Harvest gifts from undesired or undigested life experiences
  • Upgrade the capacity for peak performance and peak states of being
  • More effectively manifest intentions

The most well-known Energy Psychology methods include Emotional Freedom Techniques (TFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Healing Touch (HT) and Brain Gym, but there are many others as well. Methods such as HeartMath, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), among others, are all close relatives of Energy Psychology methods.

How Do Energy Psychology Methods Work?

The answer to this question is still being researched, but here is at least one part of the answer. Just as we have a circulatory system, a nervous system, an endocrine system and a lymphatic system, we also appear to have an additional system that helps regulate all of these. This additional system, well-known to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, appears to be primarily electromagnetic. The most well-known aspects of our energy system (also referred to as the Human Vibrational Matrix) include the electromagnetic envelope surrounding and permeating the body (the Biofield), centers of energy concentration (the Chakras) and energy-information pathways (the Meridians and their associated acupoints).

Are Energy Psychology Methods Legitimate?

Some professionals who have been improperly trained in these methods, and some professionals who are threatened by methods that don't match their preconceptions about how healing happens, have tried to discredit these methods. Though the most vocal of these people talk as though they are experts in these methods, almost all of them know very little about them, or they have a personal axe to grind. In Dr. Gruder's opinion you would be wise to take their allegations with a grain of salt no matter how much they spin their arguments to sound legitimate. In reality, articles printed in peer-reviewed journals from the American Psychological Association clearly delineate how these newly emerging methods meet the American Psychological Association's criteria for their "probably efficacious" status (this is one step below being conclusively proved, which requires a huge number of studies over many years).

For more information about various Energy Psychology methods and the research evidence that points to their effectiveness, look at the research page on the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website. ACEP is the world’s leading instructional and certifying organization, supporting research, training and ethically responsible uses of Energy Psychology. This international nonprofit organization promotes collaboration among innovators, researchers and practitioners of all the various Energy Psychology methods.

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Dr. Gruder's Involvement With Energy Psychology

Dr. Gruder was an Integrative Psychologist long before this term came into use, having received in-depth training in a wide range of conventional and complementary psycholotherapy and self-help methods beginning in the 1970s. By the mid-1970s was an administrator for the Association for Holistic Health (the progenitor of the Integrative Health field) and in 1976 he became one of the first people ever to receive certification in Holistic Health from UCSD.

After much initial skepticism Dr. Gruder ultimately came to so deeply value what Energy Psychology can offer to people that in 1998 he agreed to become the co-founder and first president of the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), from its inception in 1999 until 2002. He later became one of the principal architects of ACEP's Comprehensive Energy Psychology and Energy Health Certification Programs, and ACEP's Energy Psychology for Everyone events.

Dr. Gruder's involvement with ACEP continues to this day as a Certification program Full Trainer, Consultant, Continuing Education Provider and Energy Psychology for Everyone event trainer. He has mentored Energy Psychology practitioners worldwide, and has given Energy Psychology training programs in North America, Europe and Asia, to psychotherapists, physicians, dentists, coaches and the public. He has also taught semester-long Energy Psychology courses for doctoral psychology graduate students.

Dr. Gruder is the author of the highly respected and cited Energy Psychology Desktop Companion for practitioners and the much-used Energy Psychology Anywhere CD set for clients of helping professionals and self-help consumers.

To watch some videos in which Dr. Gruder appears click HERE. To learn more about the breadth of Dr. Gruder's background beyond Energy Psychology, go to the About page on this website.

"Dr. Gruder is by far the foremost spokesperson
for Energy Psychology today."

~ Dr. Lee Pulos, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Psychologist, Author of The Power of Visualization and The Biology of Empowerment (

"David is one of the true masters of
Energy Psychology techniques as well as their theory.
He is a highly gifted teacher whose superbly organized instruction is admired by the top people in the field and his workshops are well attended by them."
~ Dr. Pat Carrington, PhD, Editor of EFT One-Minute News


Dr. Gruder's Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help CD Set

Imagine being able to treat whatever you need to right when you need it most. Now doing this couldn't be simpler or more fool-proof, thanks to the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ CD set. On the audio CD, Dr. Gruder's voice guides you step-by-step through the entire six-step Energy Psychology Essentials Self-Help™ process from start to finish! ACEP's Energy Psychology for Everyone events are based in large part on this material. Except with Energy Psychology Anywhere™, all you need to do listen to the audio on your portable CD player (or transfer it to your MP3 player) while focusing on the issue you decide to work on. (If you don't know what to work on, Dr. Grurder helps you select that too!) And that's just the first disc of this two-disc package. The second disc contains an accompanying printable manual so you can read what you're doing in addition to listen to Dr. Gruder's voice walk you through the process.

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Benefits of Using Energy Psychology Anywhere™ (EPA)

  • FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT FREELANCERS: Whether you are new to Energy Psychology or a veteran, Energy Psychology Anywhere™ (EPA) may help supercharge your self-help process more effectively than anything else you've tried! It also helps you more easily decide when seeking professional assistance is the wise thing to do!
  • FOR PRACTITIONERS: Having your clients use EPA can give them the confidence they need to consistently and effectively do the self-help homework you want them to do between appointments!
  • FOR CLIENTS: Using EPA in coordination with the sessions you are doing with your practitioner may help you get even more from your coaching, counseling, psychotherapy or other mind-body health treatments -- even if the professional you're working with isn't trained in EP methods! (Always talk with your professional before using EPA for this purpose.)
Use EPA at home, at work, while you're taking a walk, before you do that public speaking engagement, while in the airport waiting to board the plane, or on the plane itself... which is why it's called EPAnywhere™!!

Energy Psychology Anywhere™ has been used in research studies about Energy Psychology that have been funded by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and its structure forms much of the foundation for their Energy Psychology for Everyone events. Shouldn't Energy Psychology Anywhere™ be the self-help tool you (or your clients) use too?

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Listen now to the first track of the ten-track audio CD of this 2CD set:

 "I have extensively used this meticulously created audio for my own healing and restructuring of beliefs.
The results I have observed and experienced are simply -- and quickly -- wonderful.
I highly recommend Energy Psychology Anywhere™ for practitioners learning Energy Psychology methods, and for anyone ready to let go of objections and move body, mind and soul into a new way of living, thinking and experincing life!"
~~ Nancy de Andrade, M.A.

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Enroll in Dr. Gruder's Free Energy Psychology Essentials™ Introductory eCourse & Download Free "Five Keys to EP Success" Article

Still not sure whether to get EPAnywhere™? Take a look at two free intoductory resources first: "The Five Keys to EP Success" and the "Energy Psychology Essentials™ Introductory eCourse."

The free Energy Psychology Essentials™ introductory eCourse provides a great overview of Energy Psychology for helping professionals, clients of helping professionals and self-improvement freelancers. You will find it Illuminating whether you're new to Energy Psychology or a veteran. And even if you do purchase EPAnywhere™ this free eCourse is highly recommended.



Dr. Gruder's Energy Psychology Essentials™ Training Program

Developed by the Founding President of the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), Energy Psychology Essentials™ is a complete conceptual, diagnostic and treatment superstructure showing both novices and experienced practitioners how to understand and most effectively use the entire family of Energy Psychology methods, and how to integrate Energy Psychology treatments with all the other methods on your tool belt.

Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D., D.CEP, is a licensed psychologist, seasoned psychotherapist and master teacher who has taught Energy Psychology Essentials™ to practitioners around the world. This approach is so deeply grounded in basic psychological and psychotherapeutic understandings that he has also taught this as a graduate school course to doctoral psychology students. His curriculum has heavily influenced the development of ACEP's Comprehensive Energy Psychology and Energy Health Certification Programs, and its original version was the first Energy Psychology course approved for Continuing Education credit for licensed psychologists in California, back in 1998.

Ten years in the making, Energy Psychology Essentials™ is one-of-a-kind. It is truly the premiere integrative Energy Psychology training available today. Now you can upgrade your diagnostic and treatment skills as never before, through this remarkable 21st Century method for facilitating personal healing, integrity and peak performance!

For more details about Dr. Gruder's Energy Psychology Essentials™ courses, click HERE (PDF file).

To sponsor Dr. Gruder to provide Energy Psychology Essentials™ training for your group, click HERE to contact us.

 Watch These Videos About Energy Psychology

In the following four minute video from the Canadian Television Network, Dr. Gruder is interviewed about Energy Psychology in conjunction with some events he was brought to Edmonton, Canada, to provide. (If you are unable to see the video below, you can download Apple's QuickTime video viewing software free at:

Download File

As you'll see in the following video, Energy Psychology methods work with war veterans who didn't respond to other treatments, If they work for them they might work for you too, whether you're wanting to get free from old baggage or enhance your wellness and peak performance. Watch all the way through (Flash required) and you'll see Dr. Gruder toward the end of this particularly powerful video.

Dr. Gruder has mentored Energy Psychology practitioners worldwide, and has given Energy Psychology training programs in North America, Europe and Asia, to psychotherapists, physicians, dentists, coaches and the public. He has also taught semester-long Energy Psychology courses for doctoral psychology graduate students, and is the author of the Energy Psychology Desktop Companion for practitioners and the Energy Psychology Anywhere self-help CD set.

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Dr. David Gruder is a psychologist, eight-award-winning author (6 from his latest book), and captivating presenter who speaks, trains and consults worldwide on integrity-centered living, working, loving and serving.

Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D., Author of The New IQ

"Integrity isn't a burden --
it's a path to joy.
Integrity isn't a sacrifice --
it's a path to fulfillment."

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