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National Best Book Awards Winner, Social Change category!

From the White House, to the board room, to the privacy of our own bedrooms and virtually everywhere in between, one thing our society is badly in need of is a restoration of integrity.

The New IQ provides a dynamic road tested primer for restoring this disappearing virtue for the sake of our loved ones, our communities, our businesses, our society, and our own personal wellbeing.

The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook provides ten modules of illuminating self-assessments and powerful exercises for integrating into your life what you learn in The New IQ.

The Energy Psychology Anywhere™ audio provides you with an remarkable all-purpose self-help tool to help supercharge your ability to get the most out of the exercises in The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook.

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Dr. David Gruder is a psychologist, eight-award-winning author (6 from his latest book), and captivating presenter who speaks, trains and consults worldwide on integrity-centered living, working, loving and serving.

Dr. David Gruder, Ph.D., Author of The New IQ

"Integrity isn't a burden --
it's a path to joy.
Integrity isn't a sacrifice --
it's a path to fulfillment."

David Gruder signature

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